City of Buenos Aires


Every year Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of cultural activities up to the expectations of any global citizen.

A sophisticated and elegant city. Classical and modern at the same time. In this wonderful city you will find a great variety of residential properties with characteristics for all tastes.


From the skyscrapers of Puerto Madero to the neo classical architecture from the beginnings of xx century in Recoleta or the old colonial houses of the old city in San Telmo to the trendy and artistic neighborhoods of Palermo, La Boca and Villa Crespo.

The Palermo gardens are the great green space where portions spend their days outdoors.


Tango is the sound of the city and you can enjoy it in every local “café” where argentine composers have written their best pieces.


Resting on the shores of the Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires tempered temperatures makes it one of the most chosen turistic destination among Latin America destinations.

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic, its most important economic and cultural center.


The price of its properties is surprisingly more accessible than comparable cities and you will always find a vast number and diversity of opportunities to invest in Real Estate and capitalize through the purchase and sale of properties.


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